Dirty Jobs episode videos on tower climbers

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    Mike Rowes dirty job videos about Reskis crew are on his web site. They should give the industry a boost. I'm sure that there are some things that you can pick on, but it's pretty good publicity for tower climbers in general. It's a hard job and he's not afraid to tell you so. There doesn't appear to be any drama queens in this one unlike Tower Dogs.
  2. Kevin Reski

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    Gin Pole II, You are correct about some tower hands might pick out a safety violation or 2 on Dirty Jobs show that I may have inadvertently did wrong that could criticized about our tower stacking job with Mike Rowe.

    I intended for this Dirty Job tower erection job to be played out more as a documentary, so you won't see me being too funny, I think/I hope.

    I did not want their footage to look like a carnival show like some of the other reality shows of our trade or other trades. Tower Dawgs, yaaaah, no.

    For fun, I challenge you to find any non-compliancy to OSHA safety on this Dickinson ND tower erection episode. I feel my operation is pretty squared away for all facets of safety, equipment, worker bees, procedures, etc.

    It did start raining at the end of the second day while at tower top but don't chew me or my outfit up if you spot something questionable. Remember: The Dirty Jobs/Pilgrim film crew and Mike Rowe are not sub-contractors and were not my employees, nor were they paid, nor us, so, how they conducted their safety or their company procedures on or off camera is their business and not an OSHA violation or issue for me, since technically OSHA safety and compliancy is about the relationship between an employer and its employees.

    This was not a multi-employer job site. They did borrow some of my safety equipment that they were lacking, and I did advise them what, where, how and why to do things you will see in their footage. I do regret not saying a Hello tribute to all of you tower hands on camera during the filming. (Next show maybe).

    Mike was very polite, but wouldn't you have your hat in your hand if you had to work with a psycho like me on a tower top all day?

    I did allow them to take several of my new GPT yellow hardhats since they liked the 4 way chin strap assemblies they could use for future other shows when they want the brain bucket to stay on their noggin. I told their crew, "don't you dare scratch my GPT name or logo from the HHats,", they agreed. So watch future Dirty Jobs with my yellow hhats.

    Mike really wanted my cowboy hardhat, but I wasnt letting it go since it was raining at the end of the second day and it is my hhat of preference in the rain.

    I am ready to take some ribbing from you all at the NATE conference in San Antonio on Tuesday Feb 7 when this episode airs.

    If you have any questions, please drop them here ... I am normally on the road all work week and will have my little Blackberry take calls and mini-emails until I get back to a full sized computer on weekends to go to this or any web sites.

    Where we stack up North here there is still little to no cell service during some work days, so leave messages if you need to verbally beat me up or say hey.

    Take care,
    Kevin Reski
    Pres. Great Plains Towers
    Those who free climb towers for speed or vanity will surely lose both.
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  3. Kevin Reski

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    I just back to my office computer to finally sit down to watch the Dirty Jobs / Tower Erection episode 10 days after it aired on Discovery Channel.
    I think anyone that is a towerhand should be pleased that the Dirty Jobs /Pilgrim Films portrayed us as professional trades people & not a carnival show, even though I did not know know where the base name/word of "guy" wire came from. ha...
    If you pay very close attention in the footage, many other manufacturers got their brand or models shown or named in this episode: Hydradyne Hoists, Ehresmann Engineering Towers, Dillon Digital Guy tension meter, PennTech, Preform Deadend Guy Wrap, Pirod Gin Pole, TWR lighting, National Strand Guy wire, Decibel Product Antenna, Crosby Blocks & Rigging & Headache ball, Klein Guy grippers, Muley Comalongs, etc..
    Pilgrim Films has over 60 more hours of footage from this tower erection job that they have not shown yet, so watch for that in the future years.
    It wasn't perfect weather to stack in, but my guys did a great job & Kudos to them.
    Thank you for all the great reviews to how the episode turned out & thank you Pilgrim Films & Discovery Channel!
  4. towerman

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    You did good Kevin.

    Let all of the willie nillies like NATE sit there and tell their members not to talk to the media and let Great Plains tell it like it is and let everyone see how professional we really are.

    You've done more for tower climbers than anyone else. Let me take that back. You and Mike Rowe.

    I'm glad you weren't intimated by their backwoods bad boy BS.
  5. towerman

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    I didn't realize that there is the ability for you to see the show on wireless estimator. Make up your own mind guys.

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