Do you have to travel in the industry?

Discussion in 'Climbing Towers' started by jamesNC, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. jamesNC

    jamesNC Friend of the Community

    i want to find a tower compnay that stays local but do they ever stay local??
  2. J. Tinsley

    J. Tinsley Industry Observer

    Never found one that could stay local all the time. They just don't build sites right by the shop. You have to be in a large market and be a preferred vendor for several carriers. Even then, the owners can't pay crews to drive back and forth from the job site all day.
  3. dking

    dking Industry Observer

    You could stay local, but you are not going to be very busy. You need to travel in order to stay busy. You may get lucky and you may not. I've been in the same market for 2 years now, but i was on the road for 4 before that. Sometimes 3 months, sometimes 2 days.
  4. Clifford Bryan

    Clifford Bryan Industry Observer

    There are companies that stay local, and stay busy year round. They are far and few between, but they exist.
  5. Michael S Landa

    Michael S Landa Industry Observer


    Cliff is absolutely correct. My company has been in the Tampa area for ten years and I've used the same two climbers (not both at the same time) the entire time. We don't do construction though, we are a maintenance company so we don't work 2080 hours annually but then I pay better than the national average.

    Good luck in finding a firm worthy of your talants.

    Michael S. Landa
  6. Jerry Caler

    Jerry Caler First Time Poster

    I always say they hardly ever build a tower in their own back yard.
  7. bennettbike

    bennettbike Friend of the Community

    They pay less, its also hard to figure out what company in what state has the cell carrier maintenance contracts. I got lucky working only with T-Mobile maintenance in Atlanta but the pay is :(
  8. IanQuinn

    IanQuinn Friend of the Community

    Hi im looking for info regarding working in the telecom sector in the States, Im a tower lead in Ireland, with 5 years expierence. Work involves a lot of tower maintenance, carrier basestation (Meteor) mantenance Microwave Link upgrades and RF Optimisation

    Essentially my partner and I are thinking of comimg to the states preferably CA, I want to find out about the travel involved in the states for a tower tech, I read on some job posts working for 6 weeks and off for 1 does this mean your living out of a hotel for 6 weeks? In Ireland I manage to get home every night albeit they are times maybe twice a month I have to stay in a hotel. What would be the norm in the states regarding getting home and staying away??

    Thanks for any info
  9. Andrew

    Andrew Industry Observer

    Hi Ian. 6 on 1 off is common. Yes it means living out of a hotel for 6 weeks.
    It really depends on the location of your base office, and how far and wide you send your crews. I've seen many set ups. If you have enough contacts in a large metro area you may be able to go home every night. The further the work is from home base,the less often you will manage to return home.
  10. IanQuinn

    IanQuinn Friend of the Community

    Alright Andrew, thanks for that, I dont think she would be to happy me being away for six weeks at a time!! I've been looking at a company called WIS according to there website they specialise in Microwave links installs, which is right up my street, and are also based in Southern CA.
  11. Bada Bing

    Bada Bing Friend of the Community


    If you do not want to travel I would stay away from WIS, the crews there work all over the place during the week and are rarely home. I believe they do get home on weekends sometimes but most of the work is in remote areas where traveling back to the shop every day is not an option.

    Good luck with your search.
  12. IanQuinn

    IanQuinn Friend of the Community

    Alright thats them crossed off the list!! Would anybody know of a few companies that mainly work in the large urban area's such as LA or NY/NJ?? I saw Metro RF advertising for staff on here, anybody have any info on them?

    Thanks again...
  13. PhilPro

    PhilPro Friend of the Community

    Typically from my experience, if you want to be home on a regular basis in this industry you must look for a good solid company with a strong maintenance program. Most maintenance programs will allow the employee to work out of a central warehouse/office and be home most nights. There are occasions however that may require overnights here and there. The majority of the telecommunications business, especially right now with 4G/LTE, is construction and installation which more often than not requires travel and extended stay aways.

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