Does anyone have a spec sheet on a Bogner B16UC?

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  1. JP Jones

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    I have a helicopter job coming up to remove a 2 bay Bogner B16UC broadcast antenna and I need an exact weight. If anyone has a spec sheet or has worked with one of these before your help would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me at


    JP Jones
    President-Tower & Turbine Technologies LLC
  2. spudw

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    If RFS doesn't have any cut sheets on the Bogner B16U antennas, consider reverse engineering your search. Contact the good folks at Valmont or Pirod. I'm sure they have designed a number of towers and/or mounts for those antennas and would certainly have to have the specifications to do so. A lot of those low power antennas were side mounted. Or if you know the manufacturer of the tower contact them. If you do find out let us know. I'm guessing 1500#. But when you're picking, you shouldn't be guessing:).
  3. JP Jones

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    Thanks Man,

    I'm on it every way possible and have been able to get really close. So far we have 1350# with the beacon and I have 200% reserve picking capacity in the bird. Thanks for the help!

    Climb Safely My Friend,

    JP Jones

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