Does my JHA have to be compliant with TIA 1019-A-2011?

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    Wireless Estimator believes that if there will be work on the job requiring an employee to work 6' or more above ground level, your JHA should be compliant with the minimum standards set forth in TIA 1019-A-2011.

    Wireless Estimator's JHA for elevated work meets and exceeds TIA 1019-A-2011.

    It's suggested that you confer with your EH&S director to gain additional information and guidance.

    OSHA only plays the end game. It's up to your company to make sure you're in compliance with every standard. Following TIA 1019-A-2011's standard for a JHA is the best line of defense against OSHA, but more importantly, it will keep your employees safe.

    For additional information regarding TIA 1019-A-2011 compliance, click here.

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