Don?t let the driver?s license argument sway your consideration

Discussion in 'Climbing Towers' started by Kelly Calders, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Kelly Calders

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    The breadth and depth of opposition to this reasonable proposal will most likely come from people who just can?t accept the idea of change and believe that there is already too much government intervention in our lives.

    To counter further discussion it will be likely that they will throw out the driver?s license red herring, letting us know that having a motor vehicle license doesn?t prevent us from driving carelessly and having accidents.

    To associate a climber?s license with a motor vehicle passenger?s drivers license is a smokescreen. They should equate it with a commercial vehicle license. Those folks can?t afford to get tickets, otherwise they?re out of a job. Plain and simple. They can?t afford to jeopardize their livelihood. Neither can a climber. Money is a wonderful motivator.

    The U.S. Department of transportation says that one out of five fatal crashes involves at least one driver who is not licensed. An AAA survey shows the same 20% number.

    Those statistics might indicate that there are a whole bunch of folks out there that are killing people because they don?t respect rules or they don?t understand minimum driving safety requirements. If, however, police were able to prevent them from being on our roads it is obvious to even the casual observer that the fatality rate would go down.

    Identifying whether a climber has a license would be considerably easier than policing drivers. The company owner would have the responsibility to make sure that every employee is properly licensed before they climb a tower or other structure. It would be no different than running a DMV check which has become routine.

    Carriers, tower owners, broadcasters and other clients as well as management companies would also assist to identify whether those people on their work site are properly licensed, because they too would be held accountable for not complying.

    This is the first time I?ve seen our industry pull together to explore an issue that could very well save lives and lessen the amount of injuries. I believe that some form of licensing will also elevate the profession we?re immensely proud of.
  2. Jeremy Jedrzejek

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    OK, is this relevant? Drivers license? We are talking about an industry that changes every second of the day. An industry that is hurry up and wait. How about when a customer says I dont care if it's frezing rain and you have to beat the ice off the tower when you climb. Maybe we are trying to license (regulate) the wrong people. Just a thought from a 10-year veteran climber.

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