Don't Run The Risk Of Two Cranes

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    Bridge weight and height limitations as well as tunnel and overhead obstructions such as low power lines should be checked in advance to make sure that the tractor trailer can reach the site. One delivery area that creates problems is the crown in the road. There have been times when a low boy trailer will get hung up on the crown of a paved road in a rural area as the operator makes the swing onto a lower unimproved dirt road. This might require a second crane to pick up and move his trailer so that he can continue to the site because the scheduled unloading crane was blocked by the shelter tractor trailer.
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    A lot of times when the site location is difficult to get to, our trucks will deliver a building to a crane yard, transfer the building to a smaller trailer that can more easily get to the site.
    The crane companies are usually very helpful and have all done this type of work for someone. Thermo Bond Buildings

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