Drivers license shouldn't be a show stopper

Discussion in 'Managing Projects and Business Issues' started by gettnerdone, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. gettnerdone

    gettnerdone Friend of the Community

    Some people make mistakes. I've seen some of the best workers out there without one. Give people a chance. And if it's about insurance issues, really look at the insurance companies and see all you pay for and what you really get. All and all, people deserve a second chance. And it's not a permanent thing. They will retain it after they work and pay all of the fines off. I just wanted to voice my opinion. Thanks
  2. Clifford Bryan

    Clifford Bryan Industry Observer

    So a whole crew of top notch tower hands with no driver's licenses should have a shot at building sites? How do they get there?

    Mistakes do happen, but mistake or not, there are consequences. And yes, it can be a show stopper, for both insurance reasons as you have already stated (and in my opinion its the insurance companies that allow drivers with very poor drivers to be insured that business owners should be concerned about), as well operational reasons.
  3. gettnerdone

    gettnerdone Friend of the Community

    Yes. I understand you stating your opinion. I meant one person on a crew , not all of them.
  4. J. Tinsley

    J. Tinsley Industry Observer

    I guess it depends on the quality of the person and if you can manage around it, and if the person is worth the effort. They are taking people/s licenses for little or nothing these days, police are waiting out side the local bars and restaruants and pulling people over for dirty license plates and then issuing DWI's with one or two beers in their system.

    Population 12,000, and 40 DWI's a month. There for a while everyone I met from my waitress to my barber had lost their license, the prosectutor and my doctor were able to get their cases thrown out.

    All decent hard working folks. I can certainly see a tower service company having to draw a line due to the companies vehicles out on the road.
  5. Blake Bowers

    Blake Bowers Industry Observer

    Sorry, I don't agree from a business owners viewpoint. Although a long time employee I would probably try to work with, it is pretty difficult for me to have to worry about what members on a crew have a license, who I can send to the hardware store, etc. Personally I have enough to worry about.

    Then add my insurance to the mix.

    Nope, sorry, and no offense, but I would rather deal with someone with a license.

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