Drug testing and abuse in our industry

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  1. rclaxton

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    Thanks for the interesting article Mr. Chapman. I'm glad to see that your company isn't afraid to talk about drugs being a problem and how you're attacking it. Knowing whether a climber does drugs can't be found out in a pee cup since they have flushed their system prior to knocking on your door. The hair test is the only way.

    There are people who go from one company to another because of they're often fired because of drug use. But when you call their former employer for information they're not allowed to tell you that they got fired because of drugs. They can only say that they didn't follow company procedures.:mad:
  2. openshortload

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    Hair testing seems really extreme ... probation officers rarely use that route. I hope the employees are compensated good , considering your litteraly pulling their hair out of their head. Sounds like nazi germany over there
  3. Brock Sullivan

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    We have used the Hair testing in the past but it also has limitations. A large chunk of Hair is cut out (Not very popular with the women of the company and you cant have 2 different standards) and it is only as good as the length of hair. It is hot here in Florida so most have their hair pretty short.

    I am a little confused by the story though... If there was a bottle of urine and the decision was to go to Hair testing, what was the purpose of the bottle or did the hair sample fail to catch a person?
  4. HAL6900

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    It comes down to foot on the ground and spending time with the team. It is the LEGAL drugs that are the issue..I am talking about BOOZE...and smokes and Dr's scrip for pills.....that are the #1 killer in our industry. When you are away from home, and you spend every night in the bottle with 2-4 hours to sober back up...you put you and everyone else s life in jeopardy. Don't hide behind the hair or urine...you know you do...take ownership of your company, make these jobs actually a "career" and watch these guys blossom over the next 30 years. Continue to treat them like 1099 crap..and that is the work you will get. As a industry, we don't need to unionize...we need to stand up boycott the ones that cut corners in the name of net profit.
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    I think that someone brought in a bottle of good urine because they were going to be tested.
  6. Petzl Head

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    Parole officers don't use it because African Americans will sometimes have a false positive and they don't want to discriminate. They don't pull the hair out of your head...they cut it. I don't know how they came up with the term hair follicle testing because they don't test the follicle.
  7. Right on Hal6900!
  8. well its pretty easy to just clump it all up and avoid the fact that by NOT paying attention AND inexperience on the towers is the first cause of "MISTAKES" and "accidents" . Safety parameters that are continuously choking production, until we get to the bottom line then???? F#&k it no ones looking be quick about it BIG MISTAKE IN THIS INDUSTRY cutting safety corners for the almighty $$

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