East Tennessee resident looking for training.

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  1. Adam Zain

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    Hey guys,
    I've been looking into this occupation for a few months now. I didn't want to waste my time or a company's for that matter if i was not up for it. I feel confident that i could excel though given the opportunity to learn and prove myself. I thought id create a post for anyone who knows or can guide me to any websites that provide training for people with zero experience. As of right now i am a resident in east Tennessee but i would be willing to move wherever if there is an opportunity. I am having difficulties finding local companys on top of that its even harder to find people who will hire you without 1-2 years experience. I appreciate any advice anyone has and if you want to post any links that might help me id appreciate.

    Thanks Alot
  2. MUTI Recruiter

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    Hi Adam,

    My name is Nick Glenn and I am a Corporate Recruiter for MUTI. Our company has a training institute and we train all of our people. Please feel free to visit our web site at www.mutionline.com or give me a call at 217-819-3040 if you have any questions.

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