Ebbs and flows work freeze comment is as kinked as AT&T's ampersand

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    Eclipsing the credibility of "If you like your health care plan...", an unnamed AT&T spokesperson reportedly said in a news article that “Any changes in spending activity with our vendors are typical of the ebbs and flows of our regular spending cycles.”

    That spin is such a truth twist that one would almost expect the AT&T globe to gyrate off its axis, and drown in its own pool of embarrassment.

    Although some work has trickled in, AT&T’s almost two-month freeze on new tower builds and other projects is not the rhythm of business that AT&T would like you to believe is commonplace, especially if it continues for another quarter, as a number of industry executives are projecting.

    Just ask the workers from Goodman Networks, Black & Veatch, MasTec, and many other management companies who were recently let go as AT&T’s projects came to a halt. They are the same folks who have been affected by AT&T’s capex fluctuations over the years, but still remained employed.

    Or ask the training company whose student enrollment has dropped approximately 25% in the past six weeks which they attribute to the AT&T freeze. Or the many large and small contractors whose revenue streams have been almost sucked dry.

    You don’t have to exchange your hard hat for a Nostradamus tri-cornered cap to predict that AT&T’s build-out will resume. That’s a given, and they could even announce a slight increase in their capex budget, according to one financial analyst whose only reliable insight appears to be that he could be either right or wrong.

    Based upon previous rollouts, when AT&T resumes their full network build they will most likely want it to be done immediately to butter up analysts and batter subscribers with coverage boasts.

    And as if it was their contractors’ fault for delaying their 4G expansion, they might pressure them with challenging schedules – a proven formula for fatalities and serious injuries.

    It will take courage, but infrastructure companies need to take a stand against the charging cellco rhino’s ambitious deadlines.
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    Ebbs and Flows????
    Give that unnamed man a Pinnochio award.

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