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Discussion in 'Electrical/Telco/Grounding' started by jeff reed, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. jeff reed

    jeff reed Friend of the Community

    Where is a good source of information, literature and training for wireless estimating and project management?
  2. Carl  Roehrs

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    I find wireless estimator is a good source for information...but it is doubtful that you will find much literature for training on estimating. That is usually something that is learned by having a strong knowledge of the industry first. Even though it is hard to believe...a lot of PM's assume that the longer the power run is the cheaper it will be per foot.

    If you are just looking for electrical I believe RS Means has an estimating program. PM work is something that takes years to learn and cannot be taught by reading a manual.

    Also...sometimes absolutely fantastic crew leaders make absolutely incompetent PM's. That's not a put down, but a fact that this industry has learned when they try to promote someone to keep them from leaving the company.

    To be a least on the wireless construction side...takes a lot of organizational skills. Plus...a lot of companies require that their PM's wear numerous hats.

    One of the requirements you will find is that they want you to bring in the business. In short...they want you to sell the job, manage the job, and make sure you got paid for the job. Oh yes...they also want you to hire the tower workers to complete the job.

    It is almost as if you are running your own business. The only difference is if you screw up, it's their money and the worst thing that can happen is you will lose your job. If it is your company, you could end up going bankrupt...losing your home and every thing you own.
  3. Renzie Richardson

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    I am a recruiter and this is my first assignment in sourcing these types of tech positions. What are the requirements for Sweep Technicians and what is a good source to find these types of job seekers? Where can you get this type of certification?

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