Effects on cell towers created by power generation windmills

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  1. Chad Smith

    Chad Smith Guest

    I have been Internet searching to answer a question about the effect of nearby windmills on cellular towers and their cellular performance.

    So far, I have only determined that windmills may effect radio waves in a line of sight scenario.

    The questions that were asked to me were "whether or not a windmill farm might effect the performance of nearby cellular towers, when co-located in a common area / field?"

    Could E.M.I. created by a larger windmill array create an electrical field which might negatively effect cellular service and performance?

    Do you have any resources, links, or general info I may rely on to provide accurate answer?

    Thanks! C
  2. Paul Russell

    Paul Russell Frequent Poster

    Line of sight might be the only concern. Wind power mills are supposed to have low far field noise and provide little if any EMI interference. I would imagine that if they interfered with a nearby cell site that it would be immediately identified by the carrier. If there is a problem, it will be discovered and fortunately, it will be the wind power company that would have to fix the problem.

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