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Discussion in 'Suggestions, Problems and Form Library Requests' started by relee46, May 22, 2012.

  1. relee46

    relee46 Friend of the Community

    Is there any place to edit or select other emergency services. Emergency responders for my location are incorrect.
  2. The Estimator Webmaster

    The Estimator Webmaster Administrator Staff Member

    As far as editing goes, the PDF you receive is 100% editable so you have complete freedom to change anything you want. As for the responders information, without further details it is not clear what is incorrect. If you could provide some location specifics we would be interested in looking into them to see how we can make improvements.
  3. relee46

    relee46 Friend of the Community

    I work for a County agency and know the local responders that cover our towers in the area. I was testing an address 501 S. Wawaset Road West Chester, Pa 19380 and the response did not have the local fire company listed. The fire Company is Longwood. It looks like the fire company is working on the zip code of the location.
  4. The Estimator Webmaster

    The Estimator Webmaster Administrator Staff Member

    You were partially correct about the zipcode and have helped us to find a way to improve our search....somewhat.
    We have been using the center point coordinates of the zipcode as starting point of a distance search for nearest services. We also set a limit of 5 results returned. In your case there were 5 results closer to the center of the zip than the one you mentioned.

    Through some testing using the actual site coordinates, Longwood does indeed come to the top.... BUT this is only the HQ location. Our Fire Dept data comes from FEMA resources and we have over 25,000 departments in our database. Unfortunately very few fire departments register their actual stations with FEMA, only their headquarters. Of the 25,000 plus departments there are only about 5000 station listings available from FEMA.

    Thanks for the feedback. Due to the nature of the industry it is extremely common for people using this service to have little to no local knowledge of the area they will be working in. It is only with feedback like yours that we can make improvements.

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