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  1. Glen Tenier

    Glen Tenier Industry Observer

    Are any of the building manufacturers coming up with any ideas to be able to accommodate the FCC requirement that every carrier must now have back up power on the site?
  2. Doug Olson

    Doug Olson Friend of the Community

    Think ahead. Most equipment shelters are 10x20 or 12x24 and fill up with equipment very fast. In five years there is no space available. Some manufacturers' buldings can be expanded in length as long as there is not major electrical items (air conditioners, breaker panels, etc.) mounted on one end wall. Purchase a 10x10 three sided shelter and within a couple of days your 10x20 shelter can be 10x30. A foundation extension will need to be poured. The end wall will need to be removed. And extension seam finished on site. Not that big of a deal. Thermo Bond Buildings
  3. David Lehrer

    David Lehrer Industry Observer

    You're right Doug. Now the carriers are trying to add more equipment and the existing buildings are not expandable and it's costing megabucks. They're also on a campaign to harden the sites and the space isn't available for that either. I just read where the new SC collocation ordinance will allow your colocation to be streamlined if the compound size doesn't change. Unfortunately that is becoming an often requested requirement because the tower owners didn't want to lease additional space and their PMs thought they were doing them a favor because they didn't have to pay for additional site clearing, rocking and fencing.
  4. Chris Behrikis

    Chris Behrikis Friend of the Community

    CSI, Shelter Technologies buildings are designed so that the floors, walls, and roof are monolithic at manufacture, with end walls that are attached. Designed allows for future expansion.

    Chris Behrikis

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