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    Consultants vary greatly in their level of expertise and loose their value when they get out of their area of proficiency. Many wireless companies identified the need to employ the services of a safety consultant and based their selection criteria on the consulting firm's status in general construction. Tower erection and maintenance services involve such focused disciplines that if the consultant has not been intimately involved in this industry, he or she cannot be effective. Check references carefully.
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    We have been working with Bechtel for the past six years in the telecommunication field. Bechtel is by far superior to any other company when it comes to safety awareness. We can boast in our market. We have not had an OSHA recordable for over 24 months. Why, because Bechtel cares. Bechtel keeps close watch on the contractors and their subs. Bechtel keeps close watch on the every day events that transpire on their projects. Bechtel keeps up to date on all issues concerning the industry. Bottom line: Bechtel Rules!

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