Expiration dates on certs: Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'Safety - General Safety Issues' started by Ginpole ll, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Ginpole ll

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    I think that putting an expiration date on a cert might be a good thing so that re-training is required after a period of time. It's required for CPR so why not something as important as climbing or rescue?

    What is troubling is that companies are deciding what that retraining period should be. Sort of like the fox guarding the hen house. In a couple of years I could see them calling for recertification every year. If I owned Comtrain I surely would.
  2. Vizsla

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    The training companies police themselves. There should be an outside authority that sets the training standards for them. To be competitive companies would have to provide favorable pricing and excellent training. Like any service industry company, the cream will rise to the top. Testing should be done by a third party.
  3. earla

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    Expiration dates on certifications are unquestionably a good thing and remedial training is also necessary. Doctors and lawyers have to. So do teachers, EMS workers and other professions. I think the larger concern that should be explored is the train the trainer model companies have.

    There is nothing at all to prevent a company from having a trainer on board that pays its recertification training fee and then proves less than adequate training for new hires and current employees. In short, some of them are addressing a liability issue and have no true desire to keep their workers safe.

    This industry has no checks and balances. Nate is the only one that does anything and that is for safety training companies to meet minimum standards before they get their stamp of approval.

    Then you have a huge disconnect.

    They have no way of identifying whether the contractor is providing adequate training for their employees.

    Even if they did put a process in place their members total less than half or more of the total work force.

    I believe this industry requires a third party, unaligned with Nate or PCIA that can monitor and administrate curriculum required for training companies and the actual testing itself.

    If there is to be a train the trainer model, then that has to be administrated/monitored as well.

    I beleive that policy makers and training executives are frequent visitors to Wireless Estimator since it's the industry's most respected media for our industry. It would be nice if they would contribute to this constructive debate.

    It's not, will there be national training standards , it's when will it become effective and who will manage it?

    Now's the time to discuss it, not after it becomes a regulation that may not have been carefully addressed.
  4. Wireless Estimator

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    Hi Earla,

    It would be helpful if more folks became involved in setting guidelines for the industry by offering their talent and valued opinions.

    We too are aware that many training company executives and policy-makers frequent our web site to keep abreast of our ever-changing industry.

    Although many companies enforce strict rules about an employee posting on line, they can sign up and select any name to publish under in this forum.

    If you're not actively involved in getting what you want, chances are you don't really want it.

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