Galvanized coating can be expensive

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    The design requirements for a military facility 200' meteorological tower foundation required the reinforcement steel to be galvanized, a specification seldom used in tower construction. The estimator could not get an immediate quotation from a fabricator and estimated an additional 20% to the cost of the steel – only to find out that the galvanized product was doubled the rebar cost, an additional $0.39 per pound.
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    The price of this galvo-rebar is unreasonable. When galvanized steel is required contact a local galvanizing plant for cost per ton or per 100 weight plus pickeling, (which is usually included} shipping/handling, etc.
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    You'll find that military specifications, utility plant projects and other projects that are not cellular - where there really isn?t a need for the galvo-bar - sometimes call out the need for it. Casmir is right. Galvanizing rebar is not something the local fabricator does. He is just going to send it out himself and mark it up considerably whereas that profit can go in your pocket. The only caution that is required is that you should carefully check the specifications to insure that there are not requirements for certain galvanizing specifications and make sure that your galvanizer can meet them and puts in their proposal to you that they will. Otherwise you might find that it can stop the project and be a huge cost to your company.
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    Cost for galvanized rebar depends on many factors, including the volume of work as well as the nature and configuration of the material being coated. The galvanizer’s cost in setting up and processing a small order of #4 bars which have been cut and bent into a variety of shapes will be significantly higher than an order for multiple truckloads of large diameter strait bars in mill cut lengths, and the price for each type of order will vary accordingly. Galvanizing costs are typically calculated by the weight of the material being coated and the pricing is generally expressed in a cost per pound. As a rule of thumb, HDG for rebar should add a 25% to 50% premium to the cost of ‘black’ bar, about the same as epoxy coating. However, any job site touch-up beyond cut ends will minimal and there is no need for special equipment for processing or handling at either the plant or jobsite. A cursory web search for 'galvanized rebar' should provide you with the knowledge necessary to make sure you are getting a fair quote from your supplier.

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