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Discussion in 'Design, Development and Standards Discussions' started by Roger Brodzinski, May 10, 2008.

  1. Roger Brodzinski

    Roger Brodzinski Friend of the Community

    How do I begin a lease. I own the tallest building in downtown Shamokin PA. To my knowledge there is only one tower on a mountain. Are wifi tower leases worth more? It would be perfect for that.
  2. Bob Hardee

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    Hello Roger,

    Most tower companies have a division who lease rooftops in which they can sub lease to service providers. I would advise contacting companies such as American Tower or Crowncastle USA. They can put you in touch with the right people. You could also contact the service providers in your area (such as Verizon) to see if they have a need or interest in a roof top lease.
    Once you make the contact, they should do all the leg work checking with the zoning dept, building dept, etc.
    You can locate most of these companies by searching the web.
    As for the worth of a lease, it's usually a matter of supply and demand. You can listen to their offer and either accept or if you feel it's too low, make a counter offer.
    Assuming your building is of sufficient height (usually 7 to 10 stories or more, it should be a good location for someone.
    Bob Hardee
    Former site ac manager for Crown Castle.

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