Gin Poling SST

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  1. franklin harvey

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    From the time the delivery truck enters the job site to the time the tower crew leaves? That is the question. What is the typical time frame it takes a crew of six plus a operator to stack a typical 300ft SST using a gin pole. Also with mounts and waveguide.I know a guy that says his crew can do it in four days working ten hours a day and that includes a 12 line,6 ant,12 tma AT&T install with RET system.He sweeps the site on the morning of the 5th day and is rolling off the site at lunch. He states he does it job after job if the weather is good.With no punch items from the third party inspectors. Fact or Fiction
  2. Benjamin Ekey

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    It could be done in four long days. Don't know about 10 hr days.
  3. Robert Pac

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    Depending on the weights of each section we can do this in under 3 hours using a helicopter...

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