Grounding thieves caught?

Discussion in 'Electrical/Telco/Grounding' started by Paul Russell, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Paul Russell

    Paul Russell Frequent Poster

    I haven't seen whether the guy stealing the copper from the cell site in the pictures was ever caught. Did anybody ever identify him? With all of the problems that America's cities have I would imagine that this is not a top priority, but it should be. As we become more and more dependent upon our phones to provide us with easy access to 911, a downed cell site can possibly prevent the police or EMS from reaching us if we can't describe where we are at. I know that triangulation is used in most cases, but I was wondering how accurate can the carrier pinpoint where you are if there are only two points for them to reference?
  2. John Sandford

    John Sandford Frequent Poster

    That was a Sprint site and their local guy said that the guy was caught but he didn't have a name. Metro PCS and T-Mobile also had a lot of damage from the vandalism.
  3. William Willhoite

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    WE caught a guy in Kentucky. WE pulled up to the site to install jumpers in an AT&T building and he was on the tower taking the buss bar. WE followed him into town and he had paper work stating he had been at 7 other sites... They arrested him and never heard what they are charging him with.. I wish we could catch more I hate replacing grounds at the same sites every other month!!!!

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