Handle flashtubes with kid gloves

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  1. Wireless Estimator

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    Always handle a flashtube by grasping the metallic end caps. Never touch the glass section with bare hands because skin oils or other contaminants can shorten the flashtube's life.
  2. Stephen A Costelli

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    Good point made and very true! I was getting ready to leave the office with a "string of pearls" FG 3000 tubes when our secretary picked a set up bare handed and asked what are these? I got them out of her hands, scolded her and wiped them off. I told her of the hazard to the tubes and also told her that we would probably be back to the site in 30 days for a relamp since she handled the tubes and we had no more at the time.
    Well, 30 days came and the light went into alarm! We made another trip and ate it since we warranted our work.
    Flash Tech tubes can be handled by holding the outside glass of the tube but NEVER touch the gas charged tube within.

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