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Discussion in 'Breaking and Other News Comments' started by Kelly Calders, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. Kelly Calders

    Kelly Calders Frequent Poster

    How often have you heard that tower climbers never get respect for the job that they do?

    So here's a show that highlights the hard work of this country's dedicated men and women and some of you want to throw it in the dumpster. What have we had in the past promoting our industry?Deaths, more deaths, and even a tower crew being arrested for cooking meth in a motel.

    If you have a better idea about how this show could be better let us all know. I'm sure the producer would love to hear your suggestions as well.
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  2. Paul Russell

    Paul Russell Frequent Poster

    Some are saying hooking off to the platform is illegal. Why if it will support 5500 pounds?
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  3. Kmeeks

    Kmeeks Friend of the Community

    Really people any real tower hand knows that show was ***!!!! That's all I have to say not even go to entertain that bull crap!!!!!
  4. Beaner

    Beaner Friend of the Community

    Need competent climbers. I've fired people with more experience than that. Foreman gets rope hung behind mount, no connector on coax, hoisting grip not hung properly on angle adapter, lifting a dish by hand, that hop shouldn't have taken over 2 to 3 hrs and that kid freaks because sun is setting???? Sum it up in 1 word, GREEN!
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  5. Climber 1997

    Climber 1997 Industry Observer

    One Facebook poster bitched because they didn't show them sweeping the lines. Duh! It was a 50 minute show. They also didn't show them driving three hours to the site where they could have shown real tower men passing the time by posting on facebook with their nonsensicle crap. Get over it!!!

    This wasn't made to show what happens in the industry such as a tailgate session where every one is asleep but it does give a general idea of what we do. I would rather have them watch this then come across one of the facebook groups which is 100% entertainment and really makes us all look like idiots like the guy who just posted his picture taking a dump in a bucket underneath a tower.

    I think a lot of people love telling people how they would have done it or what someone did wrong because it makes them feel superior......not that they really want to raise the industries knowledge. If they were asked to be in the program they would have jumped at it immediately.
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  6. Beaner

    Beaner Friend of the Community

    I agree, with all that has happened in our industry I feel we need to look a little more professional though. Don't want people to think were idiots that don't know what we're doing or can't pay attention to what we're doing.
  7. Tower1986

    Tower1986 First Time Poster

    A professional crew should have the correct tools. "contrary to popular belief Chanel locks are not the right tool for every job". Someone needs to inform the climber at the Linden site to dispose of the modified Petzl lanyard. Tape on a bowline knot is a bad idea. I do realize it is a reality series but I would hope that at least safe practices were in the background. If they think they were doing it safe they need to try a different training company.

    The idea of meeting your new foreman for the first time at a job site is beyond stupid. In order to be foreman you must know the capabilities of each crew member. Or you may put someone in a position they are not trained for, like the girl was on the show.

    I would also like to know who pays $17,000 to install a 4' dish with a 1/2" line. At least show a quality product. The dish u bolt was 4.5" on a 3.5" tower leg instead of a dish mount, They used a 1 1/4" hoisting grip on a 1/2" line.
  8. madmoney

    madmoney Friend of the Community

    Beaner you're not from Oklahoma are you? The show was to give the general public an insight to what we do, at least it didn't show bars, beer & cheating husbands like the one a few years back did. That main guy actually owns that company he climbed for, chic has only climbed a few times she didn't.know what she was doing but discovery wanted her in it no matter what. Haters will hate and anyone off us know if asked we would jump the first plane to where it was being shot at. But good job wasting your time on such a bad show it keeps the ratings rising
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  9. earla

    earla Friend of the Community

    madmoney hit it on the head. I think some tower gods are jealous that they didn't get picked to be on the show. Whats interesting is hundreds of FB posters are outraged because they noticed things like a connector problem, not sweeping and others. But you never see them getting outraged when their buddies post pictures of themselves violating safety laws. That's different and they don't want to be picture Nazis. Their priorities are a little screwed up.

    It looks like I'm not in the majority but I think it did a good job of showing that it is a profession and like all professions it has problems with its employees. What's wrong with a dad complimenting his son and being concerned about his safety?????? Even if it was obviously staged??????

    All of the trash talking gutter mouths on FB are the real problem in our reputation being ruined. I guess people think that the people ont he show should all be choir boys signing off on a tailgate session about the importance of keeping their cuticles trimmed. That won't sell to their intended audience. Actually what would have sold even better is a little more drama - - - some of it closer to reality of what some crews have to put up with.

    SCENE THREE: Climber free climbs down from the tower without a hardhat and looks for his rolling papers for his medical marijuana. Can't find them so he uses the liner to keep butyl wrap from sticking together as he takes a power hit and proceeds to complain that he isn't paid enough for his six months of experience and is going to drag up and work for a company that respects his abilities and dedication.
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  10. Beaner

    Beaner Friend of the Community

    Houston, tx.
  11. John Paleski

    John Paleski Industry Observer

    I built that tower myself with my crew. The platform was fabricated with 3/8" steel, it weighs over 1 ton and is designed to accommodate 24 DB 809 antennas with 24 lines of 1 5/8" coax cables. Similarly the grating is 3/8" solid steel, and, it is the highest and safest anchor point given you're at the top of the tower. This tie off was the correct procedure! Those who claim otherwise are a waste of time!
  12. John Paleski

    John Paleski Industry Observer

    Listen up "kmeeks" I started building towers in 1986, I own and operate 320 of the biggest structures across the country. I have a 28 year reputation for building the best high capacity towers available. My reputation is impeccable. My crew and I have built more towers than you have climbed in your short, meaningless and uneventful tower hand experience. Exactly what are your accomplishments anyway? Do you have any? I take no council from a junior tower hand who aint even done shitt'n yellow! So go somewhere else to shout "bull crap!"
  13. John Paleski

    John Paleski Industry Observer

    Beaner, that "kid" was my son who had very little climbing experience. Yes - he's a rookie. I thought he did an excellent job filling in for me as I was incapacitated and unable to climb. These things happen. My son didn't "freak" he was a real man about it and would have stayed there all night if necessary. To err on the side of caution, we wanted him down before dark. He's my son do you understand??
  14. John Paleski

    John Paleski Industry Observer

    I thought Jenny did a great job and I'm so very proud of her! This woman weighs only 105 lbs, and was carrying 50 lbs of gear with her. She climbed to the 250' platform and did it safely and smartly! Her previous high climb was only 100 feet! I'm sure when you were 105 you would have never made it, I know that I wouldn't have! Your comments are just a cruel and ignorant joke!
  15. Sparky

    Sparky Friend of the Community

    I hear you beaner !!! No training what so ever from that co. I did tower work for all most 27 years and all I seen on hang man was a joke . I don't even know where to start ? Funny when does it take to guys to pull up a hose bucket that's just crazy . And the poor guy that rigging the little tower oh it's so heavy BS he should try a 6in block with a steel choker and a spud crescent and ratchet a 3 lb beater and two full pouches of beam clamps and butterfly's now go rig a 1000 footer .every thing they were doing was wrong very wrong!!! No wonder why we lose so many climbers. But I did like the shot of one of the towers that me and my crew stacked and installed all the microwave dishes and ran all the waveguide it still looked great . To bad these jokers where screwing it all up with there shoddy work. They aren't even green hands ? We called them fingers . Oh and one more thing when you drop something you don't say Look out you yell (HEADACHE) some people just don't it . Whoop whoop I'm out of here.
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