Has my husband's death made a difference?

Discussion in 'Incident and Near Miss Discussions' started by Lori Grant, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Lori Grant

    Lori Grant Friend of the Community

    As the year mark approaches, I have to sit and ponder if my husband's death made a difference in the tower community. Did it draw attention to the "little guy"/tower techs and the need for safety on the job? Did his death show that corners cannot be cut when the safety of 'our' men are concerned? Did it prove that safety standards MUST be followed? Does it show that money and speed are not as important as one single human life?
    My husband did not die for nothing. The attention is there and it is up to all of you to continue to protect yourselves in this industry and share information.
    My heart and the hearts of Stephan's parents are with you.
    Be safe.

    Lori Ballasch
    In Loving Memory of My Husband,
    Stephan S. Ballasch
    April 6, 1969- February 25, 2005
  2. Anita Hamilton

    Anita Hamilton Friend of the Community

    As I'm sure he made a beautiful difference in your and his parents' lives as well as many others, I believe he has also made a difference in the industry. There is now a great amount of attention being given to working safer and smarter so that there are fewer accidents and fatalities. It seems that the industry is sharing more and more information to protect all of the country's climbers.
    My heart is with you and your loved ones.

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