Heat shrink helps on UMTS upgrades.

Discussion in 'Tower, Rooftop and Antenna Installation' started by Paul Russell, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Paul Russell

    Paul Russell Frequent Poster

    We're using quad antennas for the Cingular UMTS upgrades. We started out weatherproofing the connectors, but you can't get mastic between the DIN Male connectors. A PM said we can use heat shrink which is making our job a lot easier. We were also told that we could use a weatherproof enclosure that is available, but we would have to spring for the additional cost. No thanks.
  2. Roj17

    Roj17 First Time Poster

    I have instructed my crews to utilize heat shrink for years especially on the antenna side with multi ports and when installed properly have had zero failure. Tape & taffy is not practical but TURF especially pushes it because it is less expensive over other options and with them in most cases cost overides quality.

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