Hospital location not showing up for Madisonville, KY....

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  1. JNeumann

    JNeumann First Time Poster

    There is a hospital (Regional Medical Center) in Madisonville KY just across some railroad tracks from where the tower is located but the locator does not list it.
    Also, would it not make sense to add a location for if the nearest medical center or hospital is not listed to allow the address to input manually if it is already known?
  2. Wireless Estimator

    Wireless Estimator Administrator Staff Member

    Please provide us with the name of the facility and its address and we will check to ensure that it is an urgent care facility and add it to our database. Please send it to . If there is an occasion that a hospital is missing we would need to add it on our end, otherwise it would not appear again for you or others using the ESL. We draw our hospital information from a .gov database and at times we have found errors.

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