How does it get accomplished, maintained, and enforced?

Discussion in 'Climbing Towers' started by Benjamin McManus, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. Benjamin McManus

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    I can't exactly disagree with the thought of licensing towerhands, but not only does everyone need to embrace it, it also has to be practical.

    A Master Electrician has to be licensed, but there are also Journeyman,and helpers. Can a helper wire up a breaker panel? Yes he can.

    So, would you have different levels of licensing for towerhands? Or,would a guy with about 3 minutes of experience hold the same card that I hold? Or would he need to hold that card before he climbs his first tower? What is the cost and time associated with this licensing? Would a green guy or his company have to shell out all kinds of money only to find out he is scared of heights or does something that gets it revoked

    I think this whole thing is doable, but would require some thought here. Also, would this license expire? Is the towerhand going to have to take time off from work constantly to re-test? Why would he, if he has had no infractions, shouldn't his license stay in good standing?

    If we got licensed in stages, Master, Journeyman, Helper, etc, would those of us with years of experience under our belt be grandfathered in as Master Tower Climbers? You won't meet a warm reception with this if experienced hands suddenly become helpers.

    Also, if a climbers license can be revoked for safety violations, it needs to be clear which set of rules he will be bound to. Safety rules vary from company to company, so violating one companies rules might be grounds for termination, but not revocation of the license.
  2. Jimmy Colbert

    Jimmy Colbert Industry Observer

    Benjamin -

    Perhaps the best way would be to license just the safety aspects. This would be an easier sell although it would take a considerable amount of administration. Then once everyone was on board with that then skill levels could be considered.

    I think a minimum set of rules could be set up so that there would have to be full compliance with OSHA, which is what is expected of every climber, every day.

    There could also be a program set up that if you exceeded the number of violations, instead of revocation of your license, you were given one opportunity to take a remedial safety course. It works well for drivers licenses because people cannot afford to have violations on their license.

    If a remedial course was necessary it would be up to the climber to pay for the transportation to the training as well as the cost of the program. If he doesn't want to, then he should find another occupation because its obvious he?s not serious about this one.

    I too think that this would elevate this profession. Not that it is scientific, but most tower hands visit this site and the poll shows that a majority of people would like to see a license.

  3. chpalmer

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    Im afraid that too many would take such license at face value and not really understand the abilities of their new hire until an accident has happened... (I will let no one climb unless we personally certify them and make them know our requirements.)

    Also- in an industry that is already reeling from low pay and quick turn around the black market of tower industries would probably take off... I'd challenge everyone here to share what they think they know about OSHA requirements as I bet many have no real clue as to when you have to and when you don't have to be attached...

    In my company we have a 100% tie off requirement. Not any one of my customers require it. Maybe they should. Maybe the tower owner needs to make that requirement...

    But I believe that if the government steps in and tries to enforce a license we would go out of business while we wait for all the enforcement to weed out the secret tower companies that would undercut us and charge so much less than we could afford to because we choose to follow the law and higher safety standards. I hope Im wrong...

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