How many companies moving over to wind energy?

Discussion in 'Wind Energy Construction Discussions' started by John Sandford, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. John Sandford

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    How many companies are trying to get into the wind energy sector where I hear the margins are a little better?
  2. Tammy Stoner

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    Hello John, while those in the communication tower industry know towers, they don't know wind.

    hat I think most of those who want to or have tried to get into wind need to understand is that there are two kinds of wind industries with only energy production in common. Large wind (100kW and up to MW) is not something your mom and pop shop is going to get into unless they have an in with the Barton Malows of the world, this is LARGE 300 - 400' systems equipment large as in 800 to 1000 ton cranes, 45,000 - 60,000 tons of rebar, and 400- 800 yards of concrete, your larger companies (40+ employees) may stand a chance at sub to the sub work.

    Small wind (100 kW and less) is what your mom and pop shop is gonna stand their best chance getting in to, 80'-180' systems, 35-80 ton cranes, 200-800 #'s of rebar, 8-50 yards concrete, in small wind unlike communication industry, we are dealing with the person who wrote the check and yes it's mom and pop and yes they set up their lawn chairs outside the drop zone to watch their investment go up, most small wind companies do it all themselves (assess, sell, install) or sub little bits here and there, but typically among friends or other close nit companies, only in a few select states is any one making a living in small wind.

    Large wind is somewhat stronger but you really need to know somebody at this point to get in, as with the good ole days of telecommunications, both wind industries will continue to grow slow until something changes with zoning nationwide.

    Tammy Stoner

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