How to bring down accidents in construction sites?

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    Construction sites are highly accident prone as employees work with heavy machines and highly technical equipments. Companies that venture into construction have to make sure that their employees are provided adequate health and safety facilities. Employers have the legal duty to offer employees safety training regardless to their position. Legal actions can be initiated against the employer who flouts this safety norm. There are many internationally acknowledged health and safety training courses that are designed to train construction workers to perform their work in a safe way.

    OSHA, NEBOSH and IOSH are some of the world famous health and safety course providers offering courses in construction safety. Training employees about the importance of safety is one of the successfully implemented measures for reducing accidents in construction sites. Despite knowing the importance of providing training for employees, many construction companies put their employees’ lives at stake by asking them to work in precarious work conditions without providing training. World’s biggest construction industries are located in countries like Sharjah and Dubai.

    The number of accidents in these countries is increasing in alarming rate. Authorities put the blame on construction companies for employing contract laborers who have no experience in construction field.

    NEBOSH offers International Diploma Course in for educating the managers and supervisors about the importance of managing the health and safety of their employees. Due to the increase in accidents, well-reputed companies in many countries have made Construction Safety Diploma as a mandatory qualification for their managers and supervisors.

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