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  1. Curtis Allen

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    Hello All,

    Earlier there was a comment on how to get tower tenants, and someone mentioned contacting local wireless carriers, fire & police dept.'s, etc....can someone please explain how to do that in further detail? Is there a specific department that I should be trying to reach, where the people are savy on this issue and know exactly what I am looking for?
  2. Bob Hardee

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    Assuming you already own the tower, the most likely tenants would be the major cell companies that provide wireless service in your area such as Cingular, Verizon, Alltel or similar companies which may be in that market. They all have engineering departments which determine their location needs. They mostly all have websites with the contact information. I suggest you start there. As far as local fire dept's or police dept's, the person in charge of their communication facilities would be the person to contact.
    If you do not already have a tower situated on your property, the first step is to contact the jurisdiction in which your property is located (the city planning and zoning department if you are in an incorporated city, or if not, the county planning and zoning dept.
    If you have land and looking to lease space upon which a tenant would build a tower to sublease and pay a monthly lease , the best approach to that situation is to contact the major tower operators such as American Tower, Crown Castle, Global Signal or SBA communications. All of these companies have websites and contact information.
    I hope this is the information you were looking for, If you need more specific information respond to this post with more detail about your specific situation and I will try to provide you more specific related information.

    Bob Hardee
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    I wanted to follow up and see if you had success in finding Tower Tenants? And what were the best ways to do that from your experience?


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