I suggest outlawing non-man-rated mounts

Discussion in 'Safety - General Safety Issues' started by J.T. Edwards, Mar 23, 2009.

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    The Florida death is too sad. All of the details will be in some day and we?ll learn what happened.

    In general, regarding monopoles, here?s the rub. Why do customers allow t-arms to be installed on towers that are not man rated? You can?t work safely on them and many times there isn?t a crane available to work out of a bucket. And even if there is one, at the prices that we?re being asked to bid, sometimes there isn?t any money in the job.

    And then there will be those that say, well just don?t take the job. Easy to say when you?re trying to keep employees working or you?re trying to keep food on your own table.

    Carriers and tower owners know that by allowing non-man-rated mounts on the tower they are contributing to the problem. They should be outlawed.

    What are your thoughts? I would like to hear other comments, that way we can maybe do something about it with the Wireless Estimator instead of complaining to deaf ears on the job.
  2. I talked to a life long friend of the man who died and I would have to say he sounded very educated in tower climbing he had done it his whole life. He had been through fall protection training, he wasn't some rookie that didn't know better. But you put even the most experienced person on something that's not designed to be climbed safely anything is possible.
    It's unfortunate and our thoughts are with his family & crew.
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    Could one of you guys fill us in on how the fall occured? I have not been able to find out why he fell.

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