If only the FAA would change aviation orange to a happy feminine pink

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  1. Kevin Reski

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    We were low bid and were awarded the job of scraping and painting three 300' tall directional AM broadcast towers along the shore of Lake Superior on a hot summer week. The three of us each had one of the towers to paint.

    It was our second and final day working on the towers in the swamp and we had approximately 2/3 of the towers painted around 2PM when I felt the sensation of damp air quickly cooling me down. I looked over towards the lake and saw we were being engulfed by thick fog rolling off of the lake which was about to totally envelop us on the towers. I yelled at everyone to close up the paint buckets and told them we'll come back again the next day to wrap it up.

    When we came back to the tower swamp the next sunshiny morning, we noted that our three towers were now mostly pink! The watery fog dissolved our fresh latex paint and blended the two colors into a happy pink color which ran down the tower, across the glass base insulators, covered the tower concrete base and flooded a 50' radius of swamp water to the new feminine shade.

    I was the one that had to call (an unhappy) Dad and ask for more per-diem money plus 50 more gallons of aviation orange and white tower paint because we were about to work for another few days of repainting most of the towers, plus clean off the insulators and try to pick up all of the pink tower paint as it dried on top of the swamp water underneath each of the three tower bases as the sun baked it to a floating skin.

    It was our first experience working on towers next to big water.

    Kevin Reski, Pres.
    Great Plains Towers
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    I had to send this blunder around to everyone in our office. It's hysterical. Not the fact that you lost money on the project, but the way that you describe it.

    I could just imagine your faces as you returned in the morning. Not a happy pink color amongst you, but raging red. Also, I'm willing to bet that the language that was used when you first noticed it was slightly less than feminine.

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