Irene's impact on towers and foundations will be watched

Discussion in 'Civil Related Discussions' started by earla, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Hopefully, Irene will not do much damage to towers but if many of them fail you can be sure that not only engineers will be looking at them but the general public as well.

    At zoning hearings you always hear the applicant telling residents that towers are designed to fall a certain way and will not be a danger to surrounding properties. It's taken most of the time as the gospel because you're not going to have the borough engineer trying to dispute a theoretical design.

    The projected path and magnitude of this storm could end up telling a different story if enough data is collected.

    It will also be interesting to see if there are any failures due to improperly designed or installed foundations.

    I'm also wondering if uplift design considerations are lessened if skin friction values are reduced due to soils that have been heavily soaked by heavy rainfall prior to Irene?

    The good news will be that the many thousands of towers in Irene's path come through the storm with minimal damage and the public realizes that their concerns are unfounded.
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    IT'S THE POWER, STUPID! Not talking about you, earla. Didn't see any towers going down since Irene lost her steam so you'll have to wait for the next one, one that hopefully will not come. But severe flooding put thousands of cell sites out of commission last month, not necessarily because of the sites being flooded, but because power failed and they weren't able to even be refueled because of impassable roads. It will be interesting to view a final report from the FCC if they come out with one.

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