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  1. James Roll

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    This is a picture of an equalizer plate coming out of the ground for a 380' guyed tower with 6 torque arms. It is 22.3° off. Just curious if anyone else finds this to be a safty hazard. I'm. Not naming any company's yet, but eveyrone (the higher ups) keep telling me this is not an issue. What do you think? And would you climb this tower with this problem? img20140412_085701.jpg
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    I can't say if it's safe or not, it is pretty shoddy work that is for sure!!

    Must have sent out 2 guys that were blind in one eye and could not see out of the other. Foreman must have been wearing coke bottom glasses and the inspector must have been drunk or high. Surely the prints did not show it designed like this. I wonder if there is some sort of plus or minus on these? Don't think it would be 22.3 degrees of variance though!

    I know, lots of hard azzes out there that say, it's fine, just climb it. I'd climb it but would send picks to my wife and Mom of this excellent workmanship that the company man wanted me to climb just in case it fell over they could be the new owners.

    It's amazing how many hacks are in this industry!
  3. James Roll

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    Funny you should say that! Cause that's exactly what I did, as far as sending a pic of it to my wife, and letting her know. Its funny though, when you mention your going to start sending pics for others to see, tower owners take a second look at things.

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