It would be the AT&T way or the highway

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    The FCC is again asking AT&T how buying T-mobilet would lead to the creation of 5,000 jobs in this country.

    The FCC said in a letter this week that AT&T has not responded to previous requests for details of the impact on jobs of the merger, and has given the company until the end of this month to do so.

    The FCC wants documentation and not BS. Good for them!

    What AT&T will not provide to the FCC is how the merger will affect workers in a lot of other industries, specifically the wireless infrastructure industry.

    Too much focus is being put upon the cost of broadband service to the consumer and the duopoly concerns.

    It would be interesting to see if one person on this board could put a positive spin on it how it will help our industry.

    The big tower companies say it's good for business. That's more baloney and they know it.

    But even if it was, it's only good for their business and they would be hard pressed to state how it would be good for infrastructure site acqs, engineers, contractors and others who would not only see less work, but even lower prices as they become even more of a commodity and not a valuable service which is necessary to build a quality network.

    It would be the AT&T way (and price points) or the highway.

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