Jumpers are big PIM problems

Discussion in 'The PIM Corner' started by earla, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. earla

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    A lot of the problems come from field built jumpers. I'm sure that on occasion you'll find a factory made one not pass a PIM test, and then the blame game begins where everybody wants to be compensated for lost time and materials. Torque a connector too little or too much and you'll see the same problem. Sometimes you inherit the problem as well from a previous installation. A slightly scratched or dented DIN is sometimes the problem.

    With too many components in the RF path, I think that there needs to be more training for everyone on all levels. PIM is a real problem and is going to get worse over time as systems degrade by the elements and equipment collocations.
  2. PimTesting.com

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    No doubt more training is needed. PIM testing is here to stay. And, training ultimately improves testing times, reduces repairs, and improves installation quality.
  3. DAS_PM

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    What is your opinion on PIM testing for DAS systems? I am a DAS PM and I understand this testing may be required at some point. The issue is that large DAS systems can have thousands of passive components and jumpers .................... just wondering if PIM is realistic requirement with DAS systems?
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    I don't know why in-building-DAS installations couldn't or shouldn't be PIM tested. I beleive all of the PIM testing manufacturers say their machines are capable of it. Perhaps one of them could identify if it's realistic. As a DAS PM you might want to check with one of your system engineers - although sometimes they have differing opinions then the manufacturer's engineers.:)
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    DAS systems are being PIM tested. Unfortunately, they mostly fail. From what we have seen in the field, there is little to no chance that a braided cable will meet the current PIM Thresholds set by the carriers. We have also found that number of the less expensive connectors and coax sourced for DAS systems will not pass a PIM test. Since we use PIM as a quality indicator, I suspect once manufacturing and installation quality improves enough to pass PIM testing, there will be a measurable difference in DAS performance.

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