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  1. Wireless Estimator

    Wireless Estimator Administrator Staff Member

    Do not pull the tape during the last few turns. Pulled tape applies tension to the adhesive and will cause the tape to eventually unravel. Also, to ensure adhesion, the temperature must be above 32°F (0°C).
  2. Scott Tomlinson

    Scott Tomlinson Friend of the Community

    Also in adverse conditions during winter time. Use your vehicle to heat your weatherproofing kits up on your drive to the site. That way the tape will be warm when installing
  3. Chris Inscore

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    I couldn't agree more. Also, CUT THE TAPE WITH A UTILITY KNIFE! DO NOT PULL IT APART OR USE YOUR FINGERNAIL. Using a knife blade ensures that the tape retains it's elasticity. If you tear it, it will start to unravel over time.

  4. Jason Beduhn

    Jason Beduhn Friend of the Community

    Just a quick tip I have found works for me. I will put the Butle or Monkey S**t in my coat close to my body until it is time to use it. Same with a couple roles of tape. Basically from the truck to the nose bag then when it gets up the tower in the coat. Hope this helps! Sealing up those TMA's and TTA's can be even more of a pain in the winter.

  5. Jim Thompson

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    Most carriers (AT&T) approve of the use of zip ties in the prevention of tape flagging.
  6. Pacific Tower Worker

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    Small black zip ties are the only way to go these days with all the eyes on every site, they will send you back for flagging. Another benifit to the zip ties is it proves you have done the shingling correctly if the zip tie is at the top of the weatherproofing so that will never be an issue with a CM or one of your Tower Techs in the photos.

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