Let holiday safety continue throughout the year

Discussion in 'Safety - General Safety Issues' started by Lori Ballasch, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Lori Ballasch

    Lori Ballasch Friend of the Community

    Holiday Greetings to all in the industry.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year.
    I think of you climbers and your families daily and fight for your safety and safer regulations for you. Keep up the information sharing and communication to make this industry a safer place for all.
    Hold these companies accountable.
    You are in my prayers always.
    Lori Ballasch
    Widow of Stephan Ballasch 2/25/05
  2. Tim Kearns

    Tim Kearns Guest

    Lori, thank you for the words of praise, and good wishes. Please, on behalf of my family, friends and associates, accept our praise for your display of personal courage, and let us extend our warmest of holiday wishes, and our hopes that you have found a peaceful way to deal with the loss of your husband. If it is of any comfort trust in knowing that there are a great many of us, truly dedicated to the education of climbers, and the compliance of the companies we work for and with.

    Always feel free to speak your peace about his accident, if just one person hears the message, and adjusts his habits to become a safe climber, the knowledge shared may save that persons life, or the colleague he shares it with, further reducing the likelihood of your husbands incident being repeated.

    Thanks again,
    Tim Kearns

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