Licensed Tower Climbers would benefit the "CLIMBERS" and the industry

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  1. The wireless industry should step up and initiate a licensing program for tower climbers. The ability and resources are in place. And no one looses in the process.

    Tower Climbers will be able to demand more based on the fact they have been trained and licensed.

    Tower Companies will benefit from lower insurance and workers compensation rates.
    Service Providers and Carriers will see lower bids for work. And families will not lose their loved ones because they were not trained in their job.

    All it takes is for the industry to recognize the card as a professional certification, it could be issued from a company or employer that is willing to say that this person is OSHA, FIRST AID, Competent Climber, and Resource trained.

    And then that card and person?s name should be registered with a central organization. And recertified every two years.

    Let?s face it, there are too many yahoos running around that have been in the industry for years that have never climbed safely.

    Just because you do it does not make you good at it. And most legitimate companies do the appropriate training anyway. Those that don't should be washed out of the industry.

    Just say YES!
  2. patrick shea

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    Almost every hazardous profession in the US and industrial world has some form of certification process for employees exposed to these hazards. Unions, Industry Associations, Governmental entities and the companies themselves have various methods of certifying these employees. These include maritime employees, oil & gas operators, crane operators, commercial drivers of all types including hazmat, and all types of union and non union construction workers.

    One would assume that an industry that is exposed to such hazards would have some type of certification process or licensing before the government imposes one. Industry associations such as NATE are there to create a forum for discussion, however it is the telecom companies and owners along with responsible tower companies to put this together.
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    You mention that Industry Associations have various methods of certifying employees, but you believe that the only industry association that represents the climbing profession, NATE, should only serve as forum for discussion. Why?

    It?s doubtful that you will see telecom companies and responsible tower companies taking the lead and putting something together. If they were so concerned you would think that they would join NATE and support it. American Tower is the only major tower company that is a member. Crown and all of the other key players don?t belong and I?m sure that they?ve been asked quite often to become a member.

    Bechtel and other large management groups are not members and there is not one carrier represented as a member. Again, if these organizations will not support NATE ? an organization that is interested in climber safety and competence ? what enticement could the industry offer them to spend their time and money to assist with a certification program?

    Perhaps the only company that could get something off the ground would be Comtrain. But that?s a catch 22 since they?re a commercial enterprise that would surely have some interest in making sure that they were active in the certification process.

    I?m sure this subject will come up at NATE. It would be rather embarrassing if they aren?t aware of the great amount of interest that licensing has had with their members this past year.

    It will be interesting to see if they set up an active committee to explore it and make recommendations.
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    NATE probably has about 300 companies that hire climbers or have climbers on staff. The rest appear to be mostly suppliers to those businesses. I don't know if that is a small percentage of companies in the industry, but it is obvious that there are many more than that out there that don't belong as happens with all industry groups in all professions.

    Sometimes you can be membershipped to death and you have to chose which ones you want to support. I would expect that NATE should be the one that people should join if they want to support climber safety.

    Why the big tower realtors are not members is beyond me. Go figure. You would think that they would be interested in keeping fatalities and accidents down on their sites. Plus, if there was certification of skills they would have a site built correctly, on time with minimal punch list items. What's not to like?
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    Great Topic and Conversations. Thanks for sharing.

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