Long term effects of climbing

Discussion in 'Safety - General Safety Issues' started by Trooper472, May 30, 2012.

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    Heres somthing we havent heard about much what are the long term effects of climbing.

    When I was with the State Gov out of 8 Climbers in my unit, 5 have all had knee surgeries, back issues, and 3 with shoulder surgeries, all after few years of climbing. I have had severe arthritis in my hands, and back issues, all related.

    We do somthing that requires the body to move in a way that is not natural for long periods of time.

    Should there be some type of warning for these new guys coming up, on what this job can do to your body?
  2. rooster head

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    Not sure what those warnings need to be other than "work smart".

    I spent over 20 years in the field doing everything imaginable on a tower, under a tower and all around a tower. I have no idea how many miles of self support, guyed towers and monopoles I was involved in erecting, beefing up or taking down over those years, or how many 1000's of antennas from microwave dishes/horns to broadcast to cell got installed either. Can't forget RF either.... it sure sucks installing stuff around hot FM's ... hose clamps feel like razor blades. The metallic taste of working around hot broadcast is something you never forget either.

    Am over 50 now and apart from a lot less hair I really don't feel any repercussions from all that climbing. I blame the hair loss on towers, not aging!

    If there are general issues however that effect many, it would be interesting to hear more from others about them.

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