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    LOOK are job is dangerous and we have so many obstacles to over come GUYS / WOMANS get it right DANGER.... The crews out there yea the guys that only been doing this for 1 + years your not a foreman your in training and the company's that allow your crew to give LEADER ship to young lads are at fault for so many fatalities to be avoided from now. The vets should know you cant leave a guy hanging in such a spot from where they used to be so long ago and I call you all on what the f***
    Tell a green hand to climb cause you all ready put your time in and don't show him/her the ROPES how selfish of you not to allow this man/woman to go home to his kids wife girlfriend my self I would never leave you in the battle field to die with out me by your side and this is how we all need to come to gatherer as tower mother f***king HANDS A unified group as individuals with power backing us up to be safe to be the bas ass dudes a union some thing to stand for........... I hope this will in power you all to do the right shit when it comes down to it and stop doing dumb shit be safe you climb with it use it:eek:

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