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  1. Glen Tenier

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    Tower Maps is a good idea. Unfortunately, a "big old sign" may be ideal, but unless its in a rural area - where site acquisition is considerably easier - there are usually zoning ordinances that prevent property owners from placing a sign.

    I would also imagine that if one was to put up a sign, neighbors and unyielding preservationists would start circling the wagons early in the process to keep it from being built.
  2. celeste smith

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    Hello to all,
    We have a unique development going up in Albuquerque, NM. We have a vacant space that is 507.15 SF plus air space that we are looking to lease out for a cell tower to be built on. The development is situated in a fast growing and expansive residential area with commercial businesses popping up everywhere. We are looking for companies or an individual who want to lease space and build a cell tower. Do you know of any sources that might be of help in locating individuals or companies that are looking for space to rent with the intention of building cell towers?
    Thank you,
  3. Bob Hardee

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    I suggest you contact the major tower management companies such as Crown Castle, American Tower, SBA Towers or other companies which provide tower space in your area. These companies have web sites with contact information on how to reach them

    Here are the sites.



    Good luck,

    Bob Hardee,
    Former site acquisition manager for Crown Castle in Florida
  4. celeste smith

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    Dear Bob,
    Thank you for passing on this information.
    Best Regards
  5. Blake Bowers

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    Glen, you are totally correct. My experience is mainly with rural sites where that would not be an issue.
  6. KNOW YOUR LIABILITIES AS THE LAND OWNER when you find that special company that leases your land make sure that Hazard Assessments and Annual Audits are done and also that all personnel entering the site will have annual RF training. And make sure it?s done. If not and something happens like an OHSA Violation you will be named in the Violation Fine or Lawsuit. Remember, all the liabilities fall back on you even with a Contract. As Stated in FCC OET 65, a contract making a carrier responsible for HA is Unacceptable if something happened that contract would not hold up in court and the land owner would hold as much liability if not more then the carrier.
  7. Blake Bowers

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    This is a bit late, but nothing, NOTHING works as well as a big old sign.

    Crown, ATC, SBA, and others get massive amounts of emails, all from people wanting to lease space for a cell tower. All know that their site is a premier site.

    It still comes down to the site acq guy running around looking for a site, and if he knows a property owner is friendly to towers, that will be the first place he goes.
  8. David Ward

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    You can submit your site to Tower Maps and have it part of a comprehensive database.

    David Ward

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