Lot size can help to avoid tower tenant conflicts

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    Many published articles show a recommended and minimum lease area for a guyed tower of 120% (parcel length) X 139% (parcel width) of the tower's height (based upon the anchor point radius being located at a distance equal to 80% of the tower height). This allows the tower to be placed in only two possible location scenarios. A recommended area is 139% X 139%. This allows the tower (anchor points) to be rotated in any direction on the property so that dish antenna and sector mounts can be installed to achieve the best position for path angle. It will also allow you to avoid guy wires at carrier elevations. Shorter guyed towers will require a smaller lease area, but the reduced length and width should remain the same.
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    This is an excellent idea. I have seen those layout suggestions and you are correct. Site acq people should make a note of it. Too many times there is a conflict after the lease is signed and then there is no way that anybody is going to go back and ask the owner to revise the lease in today's environment. That extra space may be costly or it might not be available.

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