Making points with the foreman. Look up!

Discussion in 'Incident and Near Miss Discussions' started by David Osburn, May 8, 2008.

  1. David Osburn

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    My foreman and I were on the outside of the tower, getting into position to hang a boom. I just happened to watch him loop his lanyard around a brace twice. As I was about to loop off he leans back in his belt and the lanyard starts unlooping really quick as I grabbed it around the brace at the last half a wrap, stopping his slow-motion uncontrolled last move...or so he thought, the way he was flailing to grab that tower...and then they give you that look like...that was close. Don't get ahead of yourself no matter if you are green or a vet, work smarter not harder.

    LOOK UP!
    While I was hanging out at a 180' torque arm waiting on a second man, I watched him climb very fast right into the angle with his head. I noticed his eyes roll back in his head while imagining how many stars he was seeing and if he was really falling. He snapped to in enough time to hug the tower like his long lost momma, but it was when he looked up at me that I knew he knew I knew...same goes for running down towers, while un-rigging rope from 980', I paused after securing the rope to the tower so as to catch my breath and put my head down on a rung watching the super greenhorn show-off running down the ladder to the next 100' when I saw he had ceased running and his feet were just hitting the rungs as he was basically falling, he had enough wits to stick his arm between two rungs, jolting him to a stop...once again I was wondering how he was going so fast, and he was looking at me like I was the only person he had ever seen... don't give me that look... SLOW DOWN !!!
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    Slow down and think - good advice.
    Better advice - use fall arrest systems when climbing or descending as well as when working in place.
    You won't die if you only fall into your lanyard, cable grab, or rope grab.

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