Martin "Marty" Cooper - The inventor of the world's first portable cell phone

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    Marty emphasized during Wireless Estimator's interviews that it took focused management and a brilliant team effort to allow Illinois-based David to be able to trounce the AT&T everywhere-based Goliath.

    As with any successful effort or invention that benefits mankind, it oftentimes takes a village. Thank you, Schaumburg-based Motorola.
  2. David Lehrer

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    What an interesting guy. Great story! I used to have a Communicator and it was made by Nokia. Maybe they got the idea from Star Trek.
  3. Janfree

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    Your article was the best I've ever read about Martin Cooper. I learned so much about the man. Thank you an thank you Mr. Cooper.
  4. Marc LeClair

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    It’s a spectrum grab by the big boys and it’s not going to stop. That’s their security blanket and they’re not about to give it up. Marty makes so much sense. If President Obama wanted to move spectrum sharing along he would have put shorter deadlines to get it done. Ten years is way too long.
    I’ve read a lot about the first cell phone but this has to be the best story ever. A lot of it I don’t think hs been published before.
  5. Towerpro1

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    This should be a required reading for anyone interested in mobile communications. It provides an accurate telling of the early days of analog and today's spectrum problems. The reason that it will take ten years to get spectrum sharing if we get it at all is because of politics. Light Squared's denial was mostly politics. The GPS conflicts could have been fixed just as officials will have to come up with remedies for conflicts that they find when they get their test city underway.
  6. Janfree

    Janfree Industry Observer

    I saw Mr. Cooper at the NATE show and I must say he was an absolutely charming. What an interesting guy.

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