Multi Site Monitoring

Discussion in 'Design, Development and Standards Discussions' started by Blake Bowers, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Blake Bowers

    Blake Bowers Industry Observer

    What would be really great, is if somone could offer a multi site solution, for
    clusters of towers.

    What I mean, is if we have 10 towers in a area that we could have some sort
    of RF link between all 10, in a star cluster, and one central site that would be
    one with a telephone line.

    The advantage would be, that although the initial price would be more expensive
    than each site individually monitored, the long term cost of only having to pay
    for one phone line, would be cheaper.

    If you build it, they will come.....
  2. Bill McStravick

    Bill McStravick Friend of the Community

    I'm not sure if this would help, recently I installed a number of monitoring units for a wireless provider in Ontario, at both tower and rooftop sites, the unit ran on a dedicated T1 through the M/W or existing fibre or copper, we hooked up all the pertinent equipment to the unit, all OMT type software can be accessed from any where in the "ring" we built, RBS's,BTS's, DS3 banks, M/W radios, shelter environmental, basically whatever you wanted to access you hooked up to the unit, techs are reconfiguring entire sites from their beds as we speak.
  3. John Sandford

    John Sandford Frequent Poster

    That would be great for smaller tower owners although I would assume that monitoring companies would not like to reduce the number of towers they monitor. You might want to contact Hark Tower Systems ( They seem to be pretty progressive in coming up with new monitoring ideas. There is an article about their new products ont his site.

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