My Biggest Blunder

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    This is a lesson that I learned the hard way.

    I started Ginnelly Tower Construction LLC in June of 09 and changed it to Ginnelly Tower Corp. in May of 2010, I was very excited and eager to go out and put my tower experience to work for myself.

    After meeting the "Right" People, they had some venture capital to put forth, I got all of the insurances and landed a nice gig as a Sub.

    The "Right" People were very excited to start this Gig due to being partners in the whole scheme BUT- The partners came from the food industry background, meaning they were accustomed to instant gratification/ NET WHAT?!?! Also, those of us in the construction field also know that until the NTP hits your desk, don't even think about chickens let alone counting them.

    Needless to say the NTP was taking weeks-months-forever, the partners were getting a little frazzled.

    I in the meantime was getting ready for the starting gun, I put an ad on Wireless Est- for man power and came across what seemed to be a Gold Mine of a Crew.

    It was Three brothers from Dallas and these guys had it all, they knew everything about anything tower (Not being Sarcastic here), they had Certs, Tools, Knowledge and were ready to go.

    About two weeks after finding the crew, one of my partners aggressively pushed me into another market that was not paying enough to even cover hotels. He had the money and his reasoning was basically to just get out there and get some experience. He knew he was buying work- no profit- but what happened next was the most unexpected.

    Back to the Three Brothers, we will call them Triple X ("TX"). My other partner who was acting as my CFO, expressed his wish to do a background check and with my agreement we did. All was good, I flew "TX" into market on my dime and we met in person at the airport. After working with "TX" for about 2 weeks I was very impressed with their skills, also memorial day weekend had come upon us. I had told the crew that I would not fly them home but they could use the company vehicle and a room on me for the weekend. I was also paying one of them as foreman, he was in possession of (1) company laptop and (1) rented 332D model Anritsu from TRS for close out purposes.

    I NEVER SAW THEM AGAIN- (Tuesday-June 1,2010)

    Insert your Reaction here-

    The sweep gear plus all adapters and cables were a complete loss due to my underwriter never applying it to my tool insurance in a timely manor as requested,

    My company vehicle was recovered in Dallas but empty-

    My partners played Dumb-

    It then came out that in order to save money, the background check was never done-

    It also turned out that all those certs and education docs for TX were all fakes-

    And surprise, surprise, these guys are wanted in 3 now 4 different states for grand theft against... yep Tower Companies- and still on the run

    This story can go on and on but the moral of it all is basically if you own something and put all of your heart into it, you must never ever expect someone else to put theirs into it as well. It is ultimately up to you and you alone.

    Just because someone has money to put up does not mean that they are turning the gears as hard as you or even at all. Actually I found that they just want their cut and don't really care about the inspiring monthly news letters.

    Ginnelly Tower Corporation is still very much in the recovery stages and no we are not going Bankrupt nor do we believe in it. The partners are gone and I am still digging in.

    I now say with a very optimistic smile, "I'm just getting the stupid stuff out of the way"

    That nice Gig I was speaking of in the beginning, I had to very embarrassingly step away from due to not being capable to perform the work-

    What a kick in the Butt-

    We now have a small crew that I have trained myself, we are starting over from scratch and we have a long road ahead. We'll get there- Patience. Tie Off everybody, Tie Off

    God Bless,
    Jeremy Ginnelly
    Ginnelly Tower Corporation
    Luke 14:28
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    It looks like you went through the same situation as just about every tower company has. I personally have seen situations like yours dozens of times. These types of guys prey on companies like yours and have no remorse for the situation it puts folks in.

    I for one ALWAYS require a background check before anyone is even given a offer letter. These criminals seem to be multiplying now a days, I here stories like this from my GC's about once a month.

    Best of luck to you.

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