Nation's tower climber count survey to be published February 17, 2015

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  1. Wireless Estimator

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    After sixteen months of research and review, Wireless Estimator will be publishing an extensive industry study on February 17, 2015 which will provide the approximate number of tower climbers in the U.S. as well as survey information which includes average crew size, average, company size and a host of other useful information regarding construction companies and safety. Your comments will be welcomed.
  2. canderson

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    This is AWESOME! Thanks for the deep digging.
  3. RRUInstall

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    This is really outstanding work. Great job. I wasn't aware that we had this many climbers. It seemed like everybody was saying it was between 10,000 and 14,000. Thanks for compiling this really important information. There is a possible downside (some might say upside) to it. The IBEW might want to start dipping their toe into the industry. At 10,000 they might have seen it to be too small. At 29,000 or more they might take a shot.
  4. randallg

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    Why haven't PCIA and NATE and the carriers done this before? It's not like they couldn't and between them all they have billions. Go figure.
  5. Jason Fortier

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    There is no way that 29,000 could be a creditible number. The last number I had heard was around 10,000. You might want to check your facts before you put something out there.
  6. Wireless Estimator

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    We checked our facts for many months and didn’t provide the 29,000 total without thoroughly researching the number of climbers in America. We were also assisted by other key industry professionals and two statistical analysts, none of them with a vested interest to see the total higher or lower.

    You’re correct that the last credible total you heard was 10,000. But that was when Wireless Estimator provided the industry with a baseline through extensive polling and research that was done in 2006.

    That became a trustworthy number so much so that after reviewing our research, the head of OSHA used it in a presentation at a National Association of Tower Erectors conference to draw a safety comparison with other industries, favoring it over any information he could glean from his sister Department of Labor agency, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    The industry has grown considerably in the past eight years as well as the extensive databases and tools that are available for establishing the 29,000 baseline climber count.
  7. Marc LeClair

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    Where did you hear or see that 10,000 number? Facebook? If you did then you know that there are many climber groups out there with thousands of members. Just one alond -Tower climbers in America - has almost 13K. Granted some are probably wives or girlfriends but do the math. Even if there are only 10K in that group that actually climb do you really think that they represent every single climber in the county? Although it's highly unlikely, even if they had data that said that they represented as high as 1 out of every 3 climbers that would be 30K.

    Some climbers might be upset with the 30K because they want to think that they are like the Marines - the proud, the few.

    It's no longer that way. The 30K seems more representative.

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