Near fatality requires a thorough investigation

Discussion in 'Incident and Near Miss Discussions' started by David Lehrer, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. David Lehrer

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    If it is true that their man didn't hook off properly, than Excel should take a serious look at what happened. Not to pass blame, but to understand how this happened and make sure that everyone in their company is on the look out for any infraction that could cause it again. They should also share it with us because we can learn from it to. A lot of companies have climbers that take shortcuts, but when its known they should either be seriously reprimanded or fired. If we don't share information we will never learn especially from slogans like tie off or die off. Unfortunately, I hope they dont listen to their attorney and zip their lips.
  2. Oklahoma-J

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    There's a number of shields between the guys risking their lives and the executives in the Land Rovers. Multiple layers of turfs and subs, rushed schedules and lack of money spent on safety training. The risks all fall on the climbers and the rewards all go to the executives
  3. Tim_Kurtz_Saxon_Wireless

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    100 percent tie off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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