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    I couldn't help but read the headline from Carson City, NV, being that I just came back from a whirlwind 10 day 112 site tour through California and Arizona inspecting M-Wave hops for the AWS rebanding effort.

    One of primary topics of conversation throughout several of our sites, which were either on state lands, park lands, or open to the walkoholics, was the complete lack of restriction around transmitters, and large hops. One site in Phoenix sticks out vividly in my mind, as I was crouching down in front of a 40x40 block shelter, totally camouflaged in microwaves and hot sticks, the majority of the dishes across the front of the building were setting at about an average 4' rad center. As I tried to decipher the confusing array of dishes, trying not to jiffy pop myself, and in turn try to finesse my camera in to ignoring the RF saturation surrounding me, I looked up from my crouched position to see 5 women walking on a heavily traveled path meandering directly in front of no less than 6 HP dishes and 4 or 5 parabolics, with paths shooting anywhere from waist level to right smack dab between the eyes. The state owned walking path was steady with traffic for the 1.5 hrs we were on the mountain, and I counted more than 50 people who walked directly in these paths, with no restrictions at all, the only signs were on the entrance gates to the compounds surrounding individual shelters, and one on the road stating that dangerous levels of RF may be present.

    I was amazed throughout this whole trip how many sites were so easily accessible to Jon Q Public, who for the most part had no idea that they are being nuked on a daily basis. How is it that these sites can continue to operate with such limited regard for safety?

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