1. Tim O'Neil

    Tim O'Neil Friend of the Community

    I own a small single level commercial building located in Central Phoenix. On this building is an existing guy wire tower - approx. 80' tall (100' from ground) and has been there for several years. the tower is not in use and I would like to know if there are any viable options for it or am I better off tearing it down?
  2. Blake Bowers

    Blake Bowers Industry Observer

    Most likely that is an old two way radio tower, perhaps one of the tenants had a LMR radio system. More than likely it is not a large enough tower to support cellular tenants.

    You might want to measure the FACE of the tower, from one side
    to the other between two of the poles going up. If it is less than 36 inches or so, a carrier will not be interested.

    If a carrier is not interested, there MAY be a market with one of your local two way radio shops, but very unlikely.

    In short, it probably will be better for you to have it removed.

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